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Here are some interesting products in development (click titles below to expand or contract)...


ImageMapper is an easy-to-use application that allows web designers to create Image Map area tags. Simply load the image to be mapped then use the mouse to mark rectangles, circles and polygons. As each area is marked it is added to the areas list. Once all areas are marked click "Generate" to get fully formatted area tags. Once generated, area tags can be copied and pasted directly into your HTML source. Image Maps can be saved and modified as required.

Marked areas may be highlighted clicking in them in the image area. This is useful for previewing how they will behave when clicked in the browser. The order of area appearance can easily be adjusted to fit your needs. The user can also edit each area's name and href tags.

ImageMapper is provided free of charge with no restrictions on use. ImageMapper requires .NET Framework 3.5 or later
Download ImageMapper...



Coming soon--SuperScript (temporary name)

SuperScript is a form-based, interactive, application development product that allows the novice programmer to develop real Windows applications. The user can select the program language he or she is most comfortable with from Basic, JScript or Pascal.

SuperScript Interactive Development Environment (click areas for more information)